Perseverance in implementation of company policy is the key to our success.

Our strategy is based on four cornerstones:

  • Long-term relationships with Clients;
  • Comprehensive offer of highest quality products;
  • Commodity sourcing directly in countries of origin;
  • Development of the Bakal brand in the Polish market.

Our disciplined desire to ever improve performance in above areas allows us to aim at achieving goals set forth in the company’s mission and vision.


Our mission

  • To our customers, we deliver ingredients and raw materials of highest quality and as per their desired specifications, owing to which final consumers may enjoy delicious and healthy products.
  • We set trends in the dried fruit market in Poland.
  • Our efforts are to satisfy our shareholders, clients and employees.

Our vision

  • To maintain the leading position in the Polish nuts and dried fruit market.
  • It is our strongest desire that Atlanta Poland S.A. be recognised by both our business partners and consumers as a reliable company, offering natural and balanced products of highest quality.


Both operating decisions in every day activity of our company and our employees’ performance need to always be consistent with the values we believe in and based on which we work. They are solid foundation on which we strive to build the future of our organization and can be summed up as under:


  • Partnership
  • Tradition and experience
  • Responsibility
  • Innovation
  • Creativity  
  • Collective spirit
  • Counselling