Piotr Bieliński

Chief Executive Officer

The graduate of The Gdansk University of Technology where he completed International MBA in Strategy, Programme and Project Management. With Atlanta Poland S.A. he has been associated for most time of his professional career, and went through all levels fulfilling the following functions: Foreign Trade Officer, Foreign Trade Specialist, Foreign Trade Senior Specialist, Export Expert, Export Director.

Maciej Nienartowicz


He has been connected with the Company since 1993. He has got a huge experience within the scope of international trade obtained at home and abroad. In the company he is responsible for trade contacts with international contractors, supervises the proper cooperation with outfitters and he is responsible for payments for suppliers. He carefully follows the economic situation on the world market.

Joanna Kurdach


Joanna Kurdach graduated from the Radom Polytechnic, faculty of electrotechnics and transportation.

Previously she worked for Hordgal Sp. z o.o., Bakalland S.A. and Paranuss Sp. z o. o. All jobs were related to different areas of food industry like logistics, warehouse management etc.

For Atlanta Poland S.A. Mrs. Kurdach has been working from 2013. She began in purchasing sector and since the 8th of August 2016 she is the Deputy Managing Director of Atlanta Poland S.A. plant in Włocławek.

Wojciech Sztuka

Purchasing Manager

Wojciech Sztuka is Purchasing Manager at Atlanta Poland, A Univeristy of Gdansk graduate. Co-responsible for procurement and international trade of Atlanta Poland’s ca. 30 commodities in the nut, dried fruit and seeds market. He has been active in this field for almost all of his professional life. In 1992, he joined a new and dynamic Atlanta Poland team to help in sourcing merchandise worldwide. 

Dariusz Mazur


He is a founder and main shareholder of the Company. His long term experience in leading enterprises and wide business contacts strongly influences development of the company. He leads the whole company like a conductor and looks after all the issues to be in accordance with his idea. He is a decision-making person. He follows the market regularly, he is interested in all economic news, carefully follows the reports of employees’ actions. Despite being a very demanding person, thanks to him there is a nice atmosphere of mutual liking in the company. He used to be the President of the Management Board until 26th September 2014.